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What is the Ape Well?

The Ape Well is a metaverse experience generated by a collective of the most daring creators, investors, and visionaries within the NFT space.

Who is Paper Ape?

Paper Ape is a nomadic metaverse explorer and a gem hunter by trade.

He established the Ape Well to further his research.

What is the *********?

The ********* is a device created by Paper Ape to unite the Ape Well colony. Issued only to members, the ********* grants access to exclusive research content, a private community of collectors, and much more.

Is there a community chat?

Yes! The best way to get connected is by joining our Discord server.

Owning a ********* unlocks access to secret channels.

Where is an event schedule?

Click on the calendar in the Hideaway.

  • Calendar -> Weekly event schedule

  • TV -> Twitch stream

  • VR headset -> ???

  • whitediscord1
  • Twitter
  • YouTube