What is The Ape Well?

The Ape Well is a community-driven web3 research platform for creators, investors, and innovators. It is a shared location of content created by the community, for the community.

Who is Paper Ape?

Paper Ape is a nomadic metaverse explorer and a gem hunter by trade.

He established The Ape Well to further his research.

What is a Visiondex?

Visiondex is a device that grants membership to The Ape Well and assists gem hunters on their expeditions. 

Are there any free research articles?

These are a few of our most popular creations:

This is just a glimpse into our ever-growing library of exclusive web3 research accessible by Visiondex owners only.

Is there a community chat?

Yes! Join our Discord server to access the community chat.

Connecting your Visiondex to Discord unlocks access to secret channels.

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