Ape Tales: RTFKT

After flipping some Otherdeeds I decided it was the perfect moment to expand outward from the BAYC community and into another one I've been eyeing for a long time.


What is RTFKT?

A few months ago I wrote this article explaining RTFKT and giving my take on it. If you aren't familiar with RTFKT I highly recommend reading that article first to get an understanding of the basics of this project.

Ever since I wrote the article I haven't been able to get Clone X off my mind. After waiting on the sidelines for 5 months I finally found my perfect opportunity to enter the ecosystem.

What did I buy?

Breaking into the RTFKT/Clone X ecosystem is expensive which is what kept me on the sidelines for so long. I decided the safest option was to spread my ETH between each NFT in their ecosystem in an effort to receive as many future airdrops as possible. The flow chart below shows the timeline of airdrops that have already been delivered to this community.

If you minted a Clone X, you received every NFT in the above flow chart for free. As the Tier 1 membership of this community, I fully expect Clone X to receive the majority of RTFKT's future airdrops - giving them top priority in my mind.

Referencing the airdrop flowchart when strategizing which NFTs to buy, I decided on purchasing:

  • 3x Clone X

  • 3x RTFKT x Nike Monolith

  • 2x Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks

  • 2x Skin Vial (RBOT & HMN)

  • 1x Space Pod

  • 1x PodX

What makes me bullish on Clone X & RTFKT?

Three different categories combine to make me incredibly bullish on this NFT collection.

  • Fashion

  • Gaming

  • Augmented Reality


If you follow my Twitter you know I am extremely bullish on fashion NFTs.

I always preach that the killer feature of NFTs is composability. This is especially true for fashion NFTs such as digital wearables.

Composability is the ability for an object to be moved from one system into a completely different system and still be functional.

My bullishness on fashion NFTs begins from the avatar-level. When people first enter the metaverse they need a character/identity in order to find their tribe and gain a voice within the space.

You can't play the game without a character.

Referring back to the composability definition, avatars (PFPs) represent the first object in the system.

In order to survive, PFP communities must create value for their holders which presents a problem that can be solved one of two ways:

  1. Build utility for the avatars yourself (events, games, digital wearables, etc.)

  2. Plug into a pre-existing system

As you can probably tell, option #2 is easier and bypasses the time-consumption of developing a brand new product.

10KTF is the best example of how composability works with fashion NFTs. 10KTF is a Web3 platform that allows owners of certain PFP projects to mint derivatives of their avatars onto digital wearables. Composability comes into play by allowing PFPs of outside communities to be compatible on 10KTF's platform.

These 10KTF derivative NFTs give users:

  1. a brand new 1/1 item to show off to their original community

  2. utility within 10KTF's ecosystem (airdrops, reward bonuses, etc.)

Talk about a win-win.

Composability is crucial because it creates a mutually beneficial relationship between all parties involved.

  • 10KTF is able to target the exact users they want in their community

  • Partnered PFP collections receive increased brand awareness and legitimacy

This is why I'm focusing so heavily on fashion brands that will be leading NFT/IRL culture. I believe 10KTF and RTFKT will be two of the leading fashion brands that new Web3 communities will look to collab with in order to establish their own legitimacy in the space.


At the beginning of 2022 it seemed almost unanimous that everyone viewed gaming as the future of the crypto industry. As a lifelong gamer and someone who's studied crypto for the past 5 years I fully agree with this. If you look at today's gaming industry a massive portion of its revenue already comes from digital wearables. Fortnite literally makes billions off their marketplace each year.

Bringing the focus back to RTFKT, I was surprised to learn how heavily focused they are on establishing a presence within the gaming world.

After learning that RTFKT Co-founder, Benoit Pagotto, is the former Brand Marketing Director of Fnatic, their fixation on gaming became less surprising.

Most of y'all probably aren't as nerdy as I am so you probably haven't heard of Fnatic before. Don't worry, PA has you covered.

TLDR: Fnatic is one of the largest and most successful professional eSports organizations in the world with a bunch of world championships and awards to its name.

I don't think we're too far off from Esports teams being sponsored by metaverse brands for in-game wearables. I imagine a future where you can watch a professional CSGO match and the teams are rocking custom RTFKT digital shoes while competing. Then a secondary marketplace is established for fans to collect and rep the same custom skins as their favorite players. Ask any hardcore CSGO or Fortnite player if they see the value in collecting skins and you'll almost certainly be met with a resounding yes.

Augmented Reality

An even bigger surprise to me than gaming is how heavily RTFKT is focused on Augmented Reality. There aren't many teams in Web3 focused on pushing the boundaries of AR which really makes Clone X stand out from the pack.

Augmented Reality has been on Nike's mind for a while and I can't imagine the ideas they've come up with since first filing the below patent in 2010.

AR was heavily featured in the first ever Clone X meetup in NYC this past week. The scenes below give us a glimpse into the future of what RTFKT/Nike has in store for their experiences.

AR doesn't just stop at events, RTFKT is also planning to release AR filters to Clone X owners in 2022.

Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks

CryptoKicks may be the biggest sleeper pick in the RTFKT ecosystem because it touches on all 3 areas I just described.

Fashion. Gaming. Augmented Reality.

What are Cryptokicks?

CryptoKicks are Nike-branded digital NFT shoes. Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks are original shoe in this collection and the very first Nike NFTs. Each shoe design comes in a limited supply.

Cryptokicks can be viewed as a separate, complementary collection to Clone X seemingly leaning more towards the Nike side of the business.

Since Nike Dunks were used in the original drop, this leads me to believe other classic Nike shoes are scheduled to get their own NFT versions in the future.

To customize each shoe, RTFKT also dropped a collection of Skin Vials which allow users to equip different skins to their Cryptokicks. Users can apply an unlimited amount of skins to a single shoe, meaning each Cryptokick is an infinite canvas for skins.

Using CryptoKicks as the template and Skin Vials as a secondary NFT, this allows RTFKT to have scarce resources (shoe models) with infinite customization (new skins). Each skin also comes in limited quantity giving each design their own scarcity and collector's value.

I fully expect the future of RTFKT x Nike to be centered around Cryptokicks and Skins. Skin vials swing the door wide open to new partnerships, collaborations, and community involvement.

Remember that monologue I went on about fashion NFTs and composability earlier? This is where it comes into play.

Skins could also be an opportunity to get RTFKT's creative community involved, potentially leading to the establishment of a secondary marketplace for buying/selling/trading their creations.

The best part about all this is the ability for a crossover from the metaverse to real life.

One of RTFKT's claim to fame is inventing a process called forging. Forging is RTFKT's term for using NFTs to redeem physical items. It seems likely that there will be a forging event for CryptoKicks since they are based on actual Nike shoe designs.

I can already hear the hypebeast community going nuts.

Oh yeah, and you can wear CryptoKicks in AR too.

Nike Monolith

If I didn't have the funds to buy a Clone X, Nike Monolith would be the next NFT of choice for getting exposure to RTFKT's ecosystem. From the looks of it, this box is an airdrop machine that includes NFTs (and more Monoliths) inside - kind of like Russian dolls.

There are currently 2 generations of Monoliths




This is the original NFT of the Monolith collection.

The RTFKT community was required to solve a series of puzzles before they were able to open the box.

Once the final puzzle was solved the Monolith revealed 3 new NFTs inside:

  • 1x Nike Genesis Dunk Cryptokicks

  • 1x Skin Vial



RTFKT X NIKE Monolith is an NFT found inside all the original MNLTH boxes. This new Monolith can be viewed as the "Gen 2" version and is denoted by the gold coloring.

At this time its still unknown what's inside this box but if history repeats itself I expect there to be more NFTs inside.

Will it contain new Cryptokicks & Skin Vials?

Will there be another box inside?

I can't wait to find out.

It's honestly a pretty genius mechanism for maintaining the community's attention while giving them something to speculate on.

After all, who doesn't love mystery boxes?

Final Thoughts

RTFKT's products are at the intersection of everything I'm currently bullish on in crypto. They are doing some of the most unique things in Web3 and have a powerhouse team of creators and loyal fanbase backing them.

The IRL element of metaverse projects should not be understated. I made a rule in my personal investing that all my current NFT bets must include a real life component to them. The Nike partnership brings obvious real life benefits to RTFKT through forging. All in all I put my money where my mouth is and spent about 60 ETH on RTFKT NFTs.

Will my investments be profitable? Who knows.

If I'm right - I'm staring at a massive payday.

If I'm wrong - at least I get some shoes out of it.