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BossLogic Universe: Gauntlets

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Before I dive into BLU I want to make it known that BossLogic is my favorite crypto artist. I also own 5 gauntlets at the time of writing this post so there's a chance my opinions are biased.


What are the Gauntlets?

These superhero gauntlet NFTs are the first collection of the new BossLogic Universe. Gauntlets provide holders with members-only benefits highlighted by access to VerseU, an interactive gaming experience in the metaverse. A collection of 10,000 avatars is also planned for holders to pair with their gauntlets.

NFT Stats

  • Supply: 10,000

  • Mint price: 0.269 ETH

The luckiest minters received a 1/1 legendary edition with extra powers and abilities. Each legendary gauntlet was inspired from pop culture references like Spongebob, Supreme, Dragonball Z, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and many more. A few of these are pictured in the gif.

There are tons of unique trait combinations that look cool with the Gauntlets even if you didn't get a legendary. Below is a Gauntlet I was able to pickup for relatively cheap that has the "Good vibes" combination. (peace sign + psychedelic background)

Avatars & BossLogic Universe

BossLogic Universe looks like it will be a long-term, multi-layer project rather than being centered around a single-purpose membership token. Much information about BLU is still unknown but we do know BossLogic's final vision is to create an interactive metaverse game.

My guess based on the message above is that VerseU will be a fighting game. It's already been confirmed that gauntlet holders can mint an avatar for every gauntlet they own. From this, I think we can reasonably assume these avatars will be used as characters in the game.

Other surprises are in store for gauntlet holders including Blox NFTs which will release in a few weeks. The team has been very secretive about releasing any future plans but this is the first sneak peek at the additional pieces of the BLU collection.



Making decisions when facing insufficient information has led to some of the best and worst trades of my career. Everything that I've written about in this post covers the currently available information for this project. For that reason I'd call this trade a gamble at best.

Here's why I'm taking this bet:

  1. I want a piece of every metaverse collection. The next step for NFTs is expansion into the metaverse and there will inevitably be a few big players who emerge from this. Success is anything but guaranteed for BLU however the upside on metaverse projects is too high to pass up.

  2. BossLogic has MILLIONS of followers that span over a variety of different social media platforms. He's an extremely talented and well-known artist who has been involved with crypto longer than most people in the space. When he says he has long term goals, I believe it.

The gauntlets are currently sitting just below their mint price. In a market where even Yetis are pumping, it's hard to imagine these will stay stagnant for long. Either the market hasn't realized what's sitting right in from of them or I'm blinded by my own bias.

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