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Etherfishing traits explained

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

If you aren't familiar with Etherfishing, I recommend checking out my post explaining what the game is before reading the rest of this article. Each Etherfish NFT comes with its own unique traits. These traits influence gameplay and can be passed onto other fish through breeding. To view the full trait list click here.

Let's take a look at what the traits do.

Trait bonuses:

  1. Increase species catch percentage

  2. Increase Etherfish catch percentage

  3. Decrease cast time (time between pulls)

  4. Unique fish tank movements

  5. Increase Golden Etherfish catch percentage

  6. Increase All Etherfish catch percentage

Increase species catch percentage

This increases the chance of catching an Etherfish of the same species as the one you are currently using.

66/189 traits fall into this category, making these the most common traits.

Increase Etherfish catch percentage

Traits that fall into this category increase your overall chance of catching an Etherfish when casting your reel. Golden Etherfish catch rate is not changed by this bonus - I'll explain what this means later.

39/189 traits fall into this category.

Decrease cast time (time between pulls)

Casting your reel has a cooldown period where you cannot cast again for a certain amount of time. If your fish has a trait in this category, your waiting period between casts will be shortened.

58/189 traits fall into this category.

Unique fish tank movements

Fish tank movements determine how the Etherfish move when displayed on screen. Only 26 of the 189 traits fall into this category. No additional information has been released yet whether movements effect gameplay or if it is purely for breeding/display purposes.

These special movements come from legendary traits which are unique per species. Below is a giant squid with the Squishy trait. This trait is only available to giant squid and octopus species.

Increase Golden Etherfish catch percentage

Golden Etherfish were introduced in the newest release of gameplay information. These are a special type of Etherfish backed by actual cryptocurrency that can be redeemed for their underlying value at any time. The Golden Etherfish will have a specific value listed on the NFT redeemable in Enjin Coin (ENJ).

Golden Etherfish will come in several amounts:

  • 100 Enjin Coins

  • 250 Enjin Coins

  • 500 Enjin Coins

  • 1,000 Enjin Coins

  • 5,000 & 10,000 are also planned depending on the game's popularity.

To put this in perspective, Enjin Coin hit an all time high of $3.94 just two months ago. This means catching a 10k Golden Etherfish could potentially net you a gain of $40,000.

That makes traits with this bonus extremely important. So which trait boosts your chance of catching a Golden Etherfish? Number of Etherfish eaten.

The eaten property comes from combining Etherfish. The best part? Any fish in the game can gain this attribute. More information on how this works will be released prior to the game's launch.

Increase All Etherfish catch percentage

This is the rarest bonus in Etherfishing. The benefits are the same as #2, except this time Golden Etherfish are also included in the increased catch rate.

The only Etherfish carrying this trait are Trophy Catch fish, which come from Etherfishing collaborations. The Angelfish below is a Trophy Catch I was lucky enough to grab from a collab with RomanPunks.

What's the ideal strategy?

The best strategy in this game is to get a Trophy Catch fish and have it eat as many Etherfish as possible. This will give you the greatest chance at catching a Golden Etherfish and cashing in on the prizes. The specific game percentages will come with launch.

On July 7th, the creator of Etherfishing will be going on Limited Edition - a Youtube show about NFTs - to explain the game, tell his story, and answer community questions.

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