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How to mint NFTs directly from Etherscan

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Learning how to mint NFTs from Etherscan is something I procrastinated learning about for the longest time. It always seemed like a daunting task for someone with no coding experience but to my surprise it's actually much easier than it sounds. With an increasing amount of NFT projects following Loot's bottom-up approach, learning how to mint directly from a smart contract is more important than ever.

Step 1

Let's use Gauntlets as an example. Their smart contract can be found at or by searching "Gauntlets" on Etherscan. After navigating there, click on the contract tab highlighted below.

Step 2

A few new tabs should pop up. Click on "write contract".

Step 3

Click "connect to Web3" and login with your Metamask or Walletconnect account.

Step 4

Locate the minting contract. The name of this section will vary from project to project depending on the contract's labels but its usually something along the lines of "mintNFT" or "claim".

Step 5

Now that the minting contract has been located, all that's left to do is select the quantity and input the mint price. If you want to mint multiple NFTs at once, you will need to multiply the price by how many you want. In the screenshot below, the mint price is 0.269eth for a quantity of 1.

Next, click "write" and your wallet will ask you to sign a transaction. Signing this transaction requires a gas fee and is the last step in the minting process. The NFTs will be sent to your wallet once the transaction goes through.

Congrats, you can now mint NFTs like a pro!

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