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LaMelo Ball Collectible NFTs

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

2021 NBA Rookie of the Year LaMelo Ball released a set of 4 NFT collectibles in June 2021. These NFTs are tethered to Melo's career stats, awards, and highlights - meaning the collection will evolve as Melo's career progresses. This is a long-term project with the goal of minting LaMelo Ball's entire career on the blockchain.


  • Unlock access to a VIP group chat with Melo

  • Unlock varying levels of access to LaMelo Ball merchandise, unreleased music, VIP endorsement deals, and early access to future content

  • Entries into verifiably random drawings to win never-before-seen memorabilia

Merchandise & Bonuses

  • All merch has a chance to be signed before being sent to the recipient

  • 500 NBA Game tickets will be randomly distributed to NFT owners during the 2022 season

LaMelo Ball Metaverse

  • The Drop Room - An area in Melo’s metaverse where token owners will have access to raffles, prediction games, in-game performance-based events, and traits. This is planned to launch August 2021.

  • The Forge - An area where LBC owners can utilize multiple tokens in order to complete puzzles and receive bonus tokens or traits. This is planned to launch September 2021.



LaMelo may be onto something here. The trading card market has exploded over the past year and this could be its next evolution. I believe Melo's project will inspire other athletes to create similar NFT projects that are mutually beneficial to their supporters. If Melo's first year in the NBA is any indication of what the rest of his career will look like, LBC owners should be able to enjoy his successes as well.

It's so early on that I don't have much else to say about this project other than it's a really cool idea and hopefully helps usher more athletes into the NFT world. It'll be interesting to see this idea come to life and how it is received by the LBC owners. I'm keeping a close eye on this project and will now be rooting for Melo on and off the court.

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