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Overview: Tezos NFTs

I'll be sharing my experience from taking a multi-week dive into the Tezos ecosystem.

When I start learning about new projects/ecosystems I like to go directly to the source and fully immerse myself in it.

My friend Dave Lowell, longtime Tezos artist & collector, was kind enough to give me an intro to the world of Tezos art. Ever since, I haven't been able to shift my attention away from the chain.

For those unfamiliar, Tezos is a Layer 1 Blockchain that's been around since 2017 and is the art world's favorite blockchain. This originally started because of the energy efficiencies Tezos held over Ethereum while the latter was Proof-of-Work.

Tezos has an underground feel that reminds me a lot of the early Ethereum days before anyone cared about collecting NFTs there. It doesn't take long to recognize this after scanning through a few of the different NFT marketplaces like OBJKT or FxHash. There is a certain level of genuineness/organicness that can't be faked.


  1. 1. Create a Kukai Wallet account

  2. 2. Get XTZ from an exchange (Coinbase, Kucoin, Binance, etc.) and send it to your Kukai Wallet



This section will mostly be me shilling my bags - however you don't have to buy the exact same pieces I do so I don't feel bad about it.

My recommendation is to use these examples as a starting point for finding art/artists that YOU want to start building a collection from. Then you can begin branching out from here and start finding your own taste.


  • Most well-known artist on Tezos

  • Generative Art

Acequia by Rich Poole and ThePaperCrane

  • FxHash

  • Generative Art

  • Collab between 2 well-known artists

  • Rich Poole is part of gmDAO

Luis Ponce

Rare Scrilla


  • Pokemon-like monsters

  • Fun to collect

  • Potential for future game

Objkt is a great tool for following the wallets of well-known curators. VincentVanDough is my personal favorite collection to browse whenever I'm looking for new artists. The spiderweb of new art/artists to collect from begins here and the path goes wherever your imagination takes you.

I always preach to BUY ART YOU ACTUALLY LIKE. Just because something is pumping or is popular doesn't mean you ned to buy it. Buy art that speaks to you and if others feel the same way they'll gravitate to it too. Hopefully this helps get your Tezos collection started!

Happy Hunting. Let's get this paper. 🫡

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