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Overview: The WonderQuest

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

I get a lot of Game of Thrones vibes from The WonderQuest. This project is creating a fantasy world straight from the creative mind of Australian DJ Alison Wonderland. The projects's goal is to create an experience of amplified escapism by taking the community on a continually developing adventure full of quests throughout the metaverse. This project isn't looking to stay in one lane, it's looking to create a new world. Community members should expect to build an entire metaverse empire from the ground up. A fully themed roadmap can be viewed here.

The WonderQuest NFTs consist of 10,000 unique dragon eggs that can be hatched starting Sunday, August 1st at 6pm EST. There are 12 dragon breeds with varying rarities based on the following traits: armor, war masks, breath weapons, treasure, eyes, & habitat. Each dragon will also have a backstory such as the land its from, size & weight, etc.


  • Alison expressed interest in adding a breeding feature to the dragons. The team also confirmed it as a possibility so I bet we will see this roll out sometime in the future.

NFT Stats

  • Supply: 10,000 eggs

  • Mint price: 0.0888 ETH

  • Mint limit: 10 eggs per wallet


Conquering the metaverse is a big focus of The WonderQuest. Their website specifically mentions Decentraland, The Sandbox, and Cryptovoxels as future targets. This is the first project that actually had a virtual clubhouse ready to go at launch - check it out in the tweet below. To say the team was well-prepared for launch would be an understatement.

Decentraland Clubhouse - What's the use?

  • Virtual music performances hosted/headlined by Alison Wonderland

  • Regular performances with curated line ups planned

  • Music releases/listening parties

  • Hosted parties, events, and roundtable discussions

  • Meet & greets

The WonderQuest Game

A game will be developed to accompany the The WonderQuest NFTs. During a recent livestream Alison described it as a fantasy-style game similar to D&D. The game will allow The WonderQuest to reach a much broader audience than just fans of Alison's music.


My NFT Haul

  • 2 Luck Egg (3%)

  • 1 Black Egg (4.5%)

  • 2 Cockatrice Egg (9.5%)

  • 2 Quetzalcoatl Egg (10%)

  • 1 Wyvern Egg (10.5%)

  • 2 Standard Western Egg (12%)

This was the best drop I've ever gotten from an NFT project and I am STOKED. Ended up getting 2 Luck Dragons (rarest breed) as well as 1 Black Dragon (2nd rarest) from my 10 mints.

Trading Strategy

Since I got an insane pull from my first 10 eggs I decided to walk away from the table and not risk anymore ETH on additional egg purchases. My goal is to wait until the project has time to develop then sell 5-7 of the common dragons to cover the initial 0.88 ETH. Thanks to having 2 luck dragons, I don't have to worry much about covering my initial investment - it's basically guaranteed if I sell one.

I sit in a fortunate spot having 2 luck eggs and will be hatching one at launch and leaving the other unhatched. I plan on keeping the unhatched egg as long as possible to see if it becomes a highly sought after item as one of the few remaining unhatched luck eggs.

The 2 remaining eggs (luck & black) will be my ride-or-die dragons. Look at how dope the black dragons look, how could I get rid of that??



I'm probably biased having purchased a bunch of dragon eggs but I haven't felt this kind of excitement for an NFT project in a while. It's clear that a ton of detail has been put in already:

  • Continually developing story

  • Decentraland location + more to come

  • Smooth NFT launch

  • Amazing designs

The idea alone of building an empire to conquer the metaverse already has me sold on the project. For this reason, I wouldn't be surprised if The WonderQuest becomes one of the most tight-knit NFT communities. As you all know, community is my favorite thing to bet on in the NFT space.

I also love how much emphasis the team is putting on developing spaces in multiple metaverses. This will be great for getting new entrants to the NFT space familiar with the different metaverses in a fun and organic way. I expect the WonderQuest team to build social areas in Decentraland and leverage The Sandbox for the project's gaming side.

From watching live streams to chatting with Alison in Discord, I fully believe she is genuine about developing The WonderQuest into something special. There is an amazing lineup of partners working with this project like NFT Studios, DC Metaverse Studio, The Metakey and even metaverses themselves like Decentraland and The Sandbox. Not only do they have a strong community, but a strong team as well.

It's mind boggling to me how the dragon eggs didn't sell out immediately but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. I actually see this as another advantage that The WonderQuest has. Many of the NFT projects that sell out immediately struggle to build a good community because they're full of NFT flippers who just want to get in, make a profit, and get out. There are still over 3,500 unminted eggs at the time I'm writing this so if you see the same potential I see, this may be the right time to mint an egg. For those who do, I can't wait to join you all on this journey through the metaverse!

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