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Paper Ape's 8 favorite crypto information sources

When you're just starting out in crypto, its hard to know who you can trust for reliable information. An advantage of being active in the space for 5 years is that I've been able to weed out some of the bad eggs from the good ones. I wanted to make this post to share a few of my favorite creators who actively engage in crypto and provide thought-provoking content.

4 favorites - Trading/Investing

Raoul Pal - Real Vision

Any time Raoul Pal talks about crypto, I listen. This man is one of the greatest macro investors of our generation and has been for a very long time. He's now investing heavily in crypto and provides a perspective unique to his own personal experiences. Raoul always has great insights and stories that instill confidence if you invest in a similar way.

Nicholas Merten - Data Dash

Data Dash is one of my favorite YouTube channels for keeping up with the crypto market. Similar to Raoul Pal, Nicholas Merten also invests with a macro perspective which is great for understanding what's happening in the markets from a big picture perspective. A key difference between Merten and Pal is that the former focuses primarily on crypto markets.

Nicholas is also brutally honest no matter whether the market is at the highest high or lowest low and carries a great knowledge of money flows. Anytime there's turmoil in the markets, Nicholas is a steady place to turn if you want to tune out all the noise. He's great at providing unbiased information through a mix of technical and fundamental analysis.

Uncommon Core

Uncommon Core is a podcast by Su Zhu and Hasu of Three Arrows Capital - both of which have an extensive background in crypto research, writing, and investing. They tackle lots of different crypto concepts which sometimes leans more on the technical side so it can be harder to understand if you are still relatively new to crypto.

All-in Podcast

All-in is the one exception out of all these resources I'm listing in this article due to the fact that it's not strictly about crypto. This podcast features 5 of the most successful tech investors of the past few decades. A few of them have deep ties to crypto (Solana VCs) so it gets weaved into their discussions around the markets and other important ongoing events.

4 favorites - NFTs/DeFi

Bankless Podcast

If you're looking for a podcast to keep up with the most important things happening on Ethereum, Bankless Podcast is for you. Led by RSA and David Hoffman, they provide a variety of informational content related to DeFi and NFTs. It's one of my favorite podcasts to listen to because of how quickly they report on new crypto topics and concepts.

Up Only Podcast

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning Up Only. This podcast was started by crypto Twitter legends, Cobie and Ledger. Cobie is one of the longest-standing crypto traders of all time and has a ton of great insights that come from his vast experience in the crypto markets. Up Only leans more on the entertaining side but also provides great alpha depending on which episodes you listen to.

The Defiant

The Defiant, hosted by Cami Russo, is a podcast that interviews some of the biggest names in crypto. It's very straightforward and gives founders an opportunity to fully explain projects from their perspective.


I didn't start following Coopahtroopa until really diving into DAOs and music NFTs and he's been one of my best Twitter follows ever since. Cooper has an ability to make complex information easily understandable while doing it in a concise way - something I can appreciate from my own writing style. It's definitely not an easy task and shows his holistic understanding of crypto.

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