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What are CrypToadz?

CrypToadz is a collection of toad NFTs created by Gremplin. The project evolved from within the Punks Discord and drew a lot of attention early on as well as getting a bunch of NFT OGs on board. The distinguishing feature of CrypToadz is that it lives in the public domain (CC0) which allows anyone to freely use or modify the toadz as desired.


  • Supply: 6969

  • Mint price: 0.069 ETH

  • Launch date: September 8, 2021

What is Creative Commons (CC0)?

CC0 means that the creator of some piece of works waives all their rights under copyright law. This enables anybody the ability to freely use, modify, or distribute even if its for commercial purposes.



Purposefully, there isn't much to CrypToadz at all. It's simply a bunch of digital creatures that inhabit the metaverse and nothing more. That's what turned me off the project initially.

Fast forward 3 months from it's inception and now I can see CrypToadz from a much more positive perspective. They've proven to create a strong community with a continually active Discord and even hosted their own metaverse festival, Toadchella, in Decentraland.

With BAYC closing in on Punks for the top spot in the NFT market, I figured there's no better time to revisit some projects that give communities full ownership of their NFT assets. CrypToadz has been at the top of my list for a while due to being public domain and its close ties with Nouns DAO.

For those who don't know, Gremplin (creator of CrypToadz) is one of the 10 founders of Nouns DAO. I don't think this is a well know stat but Nouns DAO currently holds +14,000 ETH in their treasury. Nouns will undoubtedly be around to stay with that kind of war chest but I see CrypToadz as one of the easiest collaboration choices for them due to the close ties between the projects.


Speaking of collaborations, the biggest benefit of CrypToadz being a CC0 project is that it can be implemented into other projects without the risk of any legal issues. The first noticeable instance of this is with CrypToadz's recent appearance in 10KTF lore. 10KTF is weaving CrypToadz into their story and allowing the community to mint their images onto 10KTF clothing. Just like BAYC, communities that can be leveraged to attract users to a new product is a very good sign that they'll have staying power.

Admittedly, I find it hard to pull the trigger on buying CrypToadz due to the ambiguity of the project but on the other hand this may be the perfect opportunity to join. It seems like one of those high risk/reward gambles that may not actually be as risky as it appears. Buying a CrypToadz has been weighing on my mind for a couple months now and I'll join if the right opportunity presents itself. If you see things the same way I do, the best advice I can give is don't invest more than you can afford to lose.

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