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What are POAPs? How do I make one?

POAP stands for Proof-of-Attendance Protocol.

POAPs are unique badges used to show proof of attendance for certain events. Each POAP is an NFT which allows for the ability to verify, via the blockchain, that someone attended an event during a specific time. POAPs can be offered in both virtual and real-life events.

Unlike most NFTs, POAPs exist on the xDAI blockchain rather than Ethereum. The two main benefits of xDAI are:

  • Zero gas fees to claim POAP

  • Requires email address (instead of wallet address)

The xDAI blockchain greatly lowers the barrier to entry for collecting NFTs since it costs zero gas fees and only requires an email address to claim. POAP badges can be migrated from xDAI to Ethereum with the payment of a gas fee.

There are a variety of reasons an event organizer might want to provide attendees with a POAP. One of the most common use-cases for POAPs is to organize or reward attendees of an event.

Example 1: SuperRare issued a POAP to every user who bought or sold art on their platform in 2021 or earlier. These POAPs were then used to determine who should receive airdropped $RARE tokens when the platform decentralized. This ensured SuperRare's loyal community members were compensated with the proper amount of tokens for their support.

Example 2: Stoner Cats had a notoriously bad gas war during their mint which resulted in many people losing money from gas fees of failed transactions. In response, the Stoner Cats team issued "Rekt Stoner Cat Minters" POAPs to users who were affected and refunded them with the fees that were lost.

How can I check the POAPs I've collected?

Connecting your wallet to will show which POAPs you've collected in the past.


How to create a POAP event

Creating a POAP event is an extremely simple and straightforward process. It's important to note that the POAP team manually approves each POAP to ensure all of their guidelines are followed. Users can speed up the request process by joining the POAP Discord and manually requesting approval in their approval-requests channel.

Before making a POAP it's important to decide how you want them to be collected. POAPs are claimable 1 of 3 ways:

  1. link or code

  2. secret word/phrase

  3. scanning QR code

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Fill out the form on the website

It's really that simple. Here's the original video I learned from if you're a visual learner like myself:

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