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What are Wassies? (loomlock NFTs)

What is LoomLock?

Loomlock is a project created by Crypto Twitter's boxing legend, Loomdart.

Loomlock is a physical lockout device meant to help you take back control of your life and free yourself from addictions and vices.

For example, you can lock away your phone in certain times where you want to escape the digital world that we spend ever-increasing amounts of time in.

Wassie NFT holders will be airdropped $lock tokens in the future, allowing them to redeem a physical loomlock.

The original vision for Loomlock NFT was to be mainly focused on these physical devices however it seems the future of this project lies within the wassification of the world.

What are Wassies?

Wassies are familiar to people who've been active on crypto twitter for the past few years but are still relatively unknown to the general public. They're fictional animals with frog and platypus-like features. Whatever they are, their power lies within memes.

These metaverse creatures were developed within crypto twitter memes during the 2017-2019 era, most notably with inversebrah. People love photoshopping violent or funny fails happening to wassies which makes me think of them like digital, memetic stress balls. The actual origin story of wassies can be found in this article.

One of my favorite community-made resources for wassie lore, Wassiepedia is a wiki for wassie owners to give a backstory to their characters.

NFT Stats

  • Supply: 12,345

  • 11095 Wassies

  • 1000 Outcasts

  • 250 Couches

  • Launch date(s): September 22-24, 2021

  • Mint price: (3 waves)

  • #1: 0.45 eth

  • #2: 0.87 eth

  • #3: 0.83 eth



The strength in this community lies within it's memes. It's difficult to explain through words but when you enter the Wassie Discord you'll see what I mean. My main investment thesis with wassies is to not underestimate the power of memes.

I'm not a huge proponent of investing in crypto projects strictly based off their roadmaps but I made an exception for this project. During their first community call, loomdart released the following plans for the loomlock NFTs.

Here's what stood out to me from an investment standpoint:

  • Wassie lending (NFTs x DeFi)

  • VR & gaming focus

I think loomdart will leverage his vast connections with the crypto community to help this community thrive. I fully expect wassies to get integrated into more and more projects and games as time goes on.

Wassies remind me a bit of CrypToadz in how they want to be the known as a true metaverse creature. Even though wassies are not CC0, I give them the advantage of being a more genuine creation when comparing these two groups. Just food for thought.

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