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What is Arpeggi Studio?

Arpeggi Studio is the first ever on-chain music production platform, created by Arpeggi Labs. It's an in-browser Digital Audio Workspace that allows users to create and store music completely on the blockchain, no additional equipment or software required. The interface is simple to use and fun to play with even if you have no music background whatsoever.

Genesis Studio Passes are the NFTs of Arpeggi Studio. In order to mint (publish) a song, users must spend 1 Studio Pass NFT.

One pass pass = One song.

Here's an example of what can be created using this platform:

Mint pass stats

  • Supply: 600 mint passes

  • Mint price: 0.25 ETH

  • Launch date: October 20, 2021

Arpeggi Labs

Arpeggi Labs is a collective of technologists, musicians, and NFT enthusiasts. The group has future plans to develop the first artist royalty system for on-chain music. This will allow users to leverage smart contracts to reward artists, fans, and anyone else involved in the song. Holders of genesis passes will receive first access to these new releases.



Although Arpeggi Studio is a somewhat primitive platform, it boasts the accolade of being the first platform to allow music creation completely on-chain. The significance of this is that the music is not hosted in IPFS, but rather is ingrained within the actual smart contracts that live on Ethereum.

The musician in me loves this concept because it opens the ability to produce music to anyone who has access to the internet. Want your music piece to live forever? All you need is a Genesis Studio Pass.

My main concern with these passes is that supply might not be enough to meet demand and it could cause people to become priced out rather quickly. There is no official roadmap but the team seems to be open to feedback so I'm sure this will be addressed at some point.

The only thing I think it's fair to compare Arpeggi with is ArtBlocks because of the historical significance it receives from being the first platform with 100% on-chain generated art. Seeing the massive price increase ArtBlocks projects had this year, it's hard not to be intrigued at the prospect of this happening again with Arpeggi Studios.

Will history repeat itself? Will what happened with ArtBlocks and on-chain art happen again with Arpeggi and audio-based NFTs?

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