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What is BYOPills?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Blue Yellow Orange Pills (BYOPills for short) is an NFT project bringing utility through experiences such as AR effects and other alterations of the metaverse. Each BYOPill provides a unique "trip" experience with based on the traits it possesses. The project's ultimate goal is to bring consumables to the Metaverse through integrations with various virtual worlds and blockchain games. A few ideas include granting unique abilities, emotes, and power-ups.


Supply: 10,000

Mint price: 0.06 ETH

Launch date: July 16th, 2021

Traits: +170


  • Pill cap

  • Pill bottom

  • Ingredient

  • Background

  • Aura

  • Trip effects

The Trip Replicator

The Trip Replicator will be a mobile app where owners of BYOPills will be able to experience a unique AR experience based on their pill’s traits. Each pill's unique characteristics will provide a different “trip” experience through the AR camera lens. A mobile VR experience and numerous other features are planned as the project and storyline develop.

BYOP Research Facility

Owning a pill gives you access to the BYOP Research Facility as well as a variety of other members-only benefits including giveaways & perks with more to be added over time. The process of recreating the facility in the Metaverse has already begun and will be implemented upon roadmap activations. The first area planned for the facility is the Trip Room - a place built for collectors to experience their trip in the Metaverse.



I started minting as soon as these went on sale and received pill #5848 from the event. Let's take a look at its characteristics.

Trip effects seems to be the most important category when determining rarity. Each pill can have anywhere between 3 and 17 trip effects, more effects = higher rarity. I was lucky enough to mint a pill with 12 trip effects so I'm super happy about that. To check the rarity of your pill, click here and type in its ID number.

It's likely that the levels of each trip effect (0-100) will determine the strength of certain visual effects when using the the Trip Replicator. More details will be released in the upcoming weeks but this is my best speculation for what's to come.

I'm probably biased when I say this but I see huge potential in BYOPills. I sit here imagining these pills being used as in-game items in blockchain games and can't think of a reason they shouldn't see a steady price increase over time. Blockchain game developers can leverage these pills to capture the attention of 2.5k unique owners by simply implementing them into their game. This is one of my favorite parts of BYOPills as an investment because it essentially turns the project into Community-as-a-Service.

It's clear that the BYOPills team put a lot of effort into designing these NFTs and are not cutting any corners. It's been 3 days since the project launched and there are still about 60 pills on the market at floor price or cheaper. If you missed the launch, there is still time to ape in before the app gets released. Once the Trip Replicator is live, I doubt we will see any more pills listed at floor price since they will be usable.

The biggest risk with this project is if the pills do not gain adoption into any games or metaverses. Thankfully this risk is shared with many NFT projects which has made collaborations between communities a common practice in today's market. BYOPills has a first-mover advantage when it comes to metaverse consumables so if they can deliver on their vision, the community should expect a great trip ahead.

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