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What is Coinvise? is a platform that allows users to deploy social tokens for their communities. The platform also comes with an assortment of built in features to simplify the process of managing your social token's ecosystem.

Primary Features:

  • Token Creation

  • Airdrop

  • Vesting

  • Quests

Token Creation

The primary feature of Coinvise is the ability to deploy your own token. They simplified the process to 2 steps:

  1. Fill out a few informational questions

  2. Pay gas fee

Here's the list of information needed to create your token:

  • Name

  • Symbol

  • Supply

  • Treasury address (optional)

  • Description

Users are also given the choice of deploying their tokens on either Ethereum or Polygon. Both chains have their own set of pros and cons so it's important to determine how the token will be used prior to deploying.

"But Paper Ape I already launched my token. Do I need to launch another one on their platform just to use these features?"

Importing tokens

If you've already deployed a token, Coinvise has an option for you to import it to their platform. Importing a token to Coinvise allows you to use the features on their dashboard like airdrops, vesting, quests, etc.

Token metrics

Coinvise provides an informational dashboard of tokens once they have been imported onto the platform. This dashboard allows creators to view the top stakeholders of their token along with information relative to it's market performance.

Discord Bot

Coinvise has it's own custom Discord bot that can be used to create private, token-gated channels for your members. This bot also gives users the ability to tip other members the community's token via Discord commands.



I don't think many people fully understand the concept of Social Tokens yet but Coinvise will help usher in a new wave of entrants to that space. Coinvise makes it incredibly easy for regular people to deploy tokens and their dashboard simplifies a lot of the more advanced tokenomics concepts.

For example, vesting tokens on Coinvise is as simple as filling out some information for your token and deciding how long they should be locked up. This is much easier for non-coders to accomplish than hiring a developer or trying to build their own.

A thing I personally love about Coinvise is the availability of educational documents on their platform. These documents are in place to help teach creators how to make the most out of tokens they release for their communities. Although not necessarily step-by-step, the articles provide great information on the concepts that are involved in managing a token community.

I think Social Tokens could be a dark horse for the 2022 crypto market if some of these platforms like Coinvise start to emerge and help simplify the token creation/management process for creators. This could usher in a boom of new DAOs based around content creation from research, to movies, to gaming, and almost any other avenue that captures the attention of a community.

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