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What is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is a virtual world built on Ethereum that launched in May 2018. It's creators were inspired by the likes of Snow Crash and Ready Player One when making this metaverse.

Although it's probably the simplest metaverse around, Cryptovoxels is still one of my favorites. The simplicity of loading the world directly from your internet browser makes it one of the best metaverse experiences for beginners. Plus, the building mechanics are similar to Minecraft which makes the controls really easy to pick up.

Cryptovoxels is comprised of over 5.5k land parcels that can be purchased as NFTs. Owning a land parcel allows you to customize the area and use it however you want. The biggest advantages of owning decentralized land like this are censorship-resistance and no geographical barriers. A full map of the Cryptovoxels world is below. (as of Dec. 2020)

Popular uses of Cryptovoxels land

  • Virtual shops

  • Virtual art galleries

  • Hosting events

I recently turned my land parcel into a virtual gallery to show off the NFTs I've collected throughout the years. Click here to jump in the world take a look for yourself.


If you decide to start collecting Cryptovoxel NFTs such as land, wearables, or usernames you will need a Metamask wallet to store these assets. Metamask acts as your account and allows you to customize your avatar & land once connected. The biggest benefit I've received from owning Cryptovoxels land is the ability to display any Ethereum NFT in your space with ease.

Where to buy land:

VR Compatibility

Cryptovoxels is currently one of the only metaverse platforms with VR compatibility. Just like using a computer, you can enter the world by simply visiting the website through your headset's internet browser.



I wanted to make this post because I feel like we're closing in on the next NFT bull run. I've mentioned on Twitter and a few other posts how bullish I am on the metaverse and that I think we are about to see a shift from 2D digital assets to 3D.

These 2 factors are why I think the metaverse is the future:

  • VR technology gaining adoption

  • Ongoing global pandemic with no end in sight

The main investments I've been focusing on lately are at the intersection of VR and the metaverse which was a huge selling point for me with Cryptovoxels. After using my land parcel for over a year, I truly believe combining virtual worlds with NFTs has the power to change the global economy. This allows people to collaborate in life size spaces from anywhere in the world and can be used for a variety of businesses. It also makes sense to run a business from the metaverse because there are no property taxes - meaning once you purchase the land there are no additional costs... ever.

I think Cryptovoxels is a solid metaverse, albeit not #1 in my book. As far as VR compatible metaverses go, the only comparable world is Somnium Space and CV blows it out of the water. Cryptovoxels still somewhat primitive compared to newer virtual worlds since it was deployed so early on, but it gives me confidence every time I open Twitter and see Ben Nolan and his team working around the clock to make new upgrades. It's one of the longest standing metaverse worlds and I think it's here to stay for much longer.

If you're interested in virtual land I made this article explaining my evaluation process and diving deeper into the asset class as a whole.

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