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What is DeFi Kingdoms?

DeFi Kingdoms (DFK) is a budding NFT/DeFi ecosystem on the Harmony Blockchain. Is it a game? Is it a DEX? Or is it both?? That's for you to decide.


  • Multi-chain compatibility

  • Low fees

  • Raised $0 from VC's


  1. Metamask connected to Harmony blockchain (howto)

  2. Some $ONE tokens for transaction fees

The image above is DeFi Kingdom's map. Each location is host to various different activities you and your Heroes can participate in. A common theme, hence the name DeFi Kingdoms, is doing typical DeFi activities like pooling assets, staking, etc.

DFK gamifies the experience of doing these boring-to-regular-people activities by giving them context in the form of a game that runs on it's economy.

DeFi Kingdoms has two layers - I look at it as a bottom & top layer.

The bottom layer is the DeFi economy that keeps the game's ecosystem running. Rewards are provided to people who provide liquidity and stake their $JEWEL in the bank. DFK generates fees from in-game actions like using it's DEX or purchasing Hero NFT characters. This ensures that as long as people want to actually play the game, the economy will continue generating revenue for it's stakeholders.

The top layer is the actual game that sits on top of this economy. An ecosystem of utility NFTs called Heroes are used for the actual gameplay. This leaves it up to the user to decide if they want to actually play the game or just participate in the game's economy underneath. Some of these NFTs even hold special skills that can boost things like $JEWEL liquidity mining rewards.


JEWEL is the native token to the entire DeFi Kingdoms ecosystem. It can be earned through liquidity mining rewards (staking or providing liquidity) or from renting your Hero to other players for in-game activities. Each of these activities has it's own unique experience on DFK's interface.

For example: Providing liquidity takes place in the Gardens. Gardening involves pooling 2 assets together to create an "LP Seed" which is just DFK's term for an LP token. Once users "plant" (stake) LP Seeds, they receive a stream of JEWEL rewards. These rewards come from the DEX's fees and can be "harvested" at any time. DFK also has penalties for withdrawing LP Seeds too quickly to prevent flash loan attacks and other potential exploits.

Proceeds from all JEWEL transactions are recycled back into the ecosystem through xJEWEL holders, the community treasury, quest rewards, and game development. The maximum supply of JEWEL is 500,000,000 tokens.


$JEWEL can be staked in return for xJEWEL tokens. xJEWEL tokens provide 1/3rd of the trading fees generated from the DEX in proportion to how many xJEWEL tokens the user holds. This effectively turns JEWEL into DeFi Kingdom's very own DEX token. Another huge benefit of holding xJEWEL tokens is that they provide eligibility for DFK airdrops.


To be honest I didn't fully understand the term "GameFi" until I started using DeFi Kingdoms. The best explanation I've heard is that it's the "intersection of DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse."

Hero NFTs

Hero NFTs are the cornerstone of utility for the DFK ecosystem. Heroes are required to participating in the game's activities that go beyond supporting it's defi economy. You can buy, sell, or hire heroes for in-game events.

Heroes provide the ability to go on quests to collect useful items and experience. There are 2 types of quests in the game:

  1. Profession Quests

  2. Adventure Quests

Profession Quests

Profession quests are non-combat and teach the user how to use and interact with the game's interface. Profession quests are things like mining, foraging, fishing, or gardening. These activities have the chance to reward the player with XP and items.

Each hero NFT possesses their own unique skills in these 4 areas which can be increased over time to make them better at performing each task.

Item rewards from quests can typically be sold for gold (in-game currency) or crafted into items like potions. Gold is used to purchase other quest items from the marketplace.

Adventure Quests

Adventure quests haven't been added into the game yet but will be where PvP and PvE battles take place.


The DFK roadmap is extensive ending with PvP, PvE, and guild features. In addition to the roadmap plans below, DFK also plans to add multi-chain compatibility in Q1 2022 - starting with Avalanche (AVAX) blockchain.



DeFi Kingdoms is a clever and fun way to educate people about how DeFi works. The whole thing is presented as a game at first but the deeper you dig, it turns out the whole thing is a gamified DEX. All trading fees from in-game actions go back to the users of the game.

But Paper Ape, this sounds like a ponzi.

Good ponzinomics are essential for a DeFi rocket ship which makes this such an enticing investment. The thing that sets this apart from a normal ponzi is the inclusion of NFTs. Now, instead of a ponzi that can end at any moment - it has a roadmap. More things can be built using the NFTs which allows DFK to grow into more than your typical DeFi Rube Goldberg machine.

For this reason, as long as the dev team continues to develop the game and deliver quality work, the show should continue to go on. DFK has an advantage of being a game in that it can keep peoples' attention spans for longer. Gone are the days of boring old staking and LPing, we have games now.

I'm excited to see how the team decides to use NFTs to develop a more in depth game on top of this DeFi ecosystem. PvP/PvE battles will probably play the biggest factor into the long-term success of this game so I really hope the team plans carefully. If executed correctly, I don't see why a game like this can't pass Axie Infinity. Especially considering DFK exists on chain(s) with much more affordable fees than Ethereum currently has.

Obviously there is a lot of risk with investments like this so if you decide to play the game it's probably smart to not invest beyond your means. As for me, an avid game enjoyer, I'll be seeing some of you on the battlefield.

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