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What is Galaxy Fight Club?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Galaxy Fight Club is a new play to earn game coming to the crypto world. Their goal is to become the "Super Smash Bros of the NFT universe." GFC will be a cross-platform (PC + mobile) PvP battling game where players can use their own NFT avatars as characters. This game aims to bring interoperability to digital assets from different avatar collections and create a long-lasting NFT ecosystem.

NFT Stats

  • Supply: 9,994

  • Mint price: 0.08-0.1 ETH

  • Traits: +200

  • Launch date: November 2021

You must own at least 1 Galaxy fighter in order to play the game. The Galaxy Fighter acts as a membership key. If you want to fight as a Wicked Cranium, for example, you still must own a Galaxy Fighter before you are able to play the game.

Galaxy Fighters have 3 main characteristics to look for when purchasing:

  1. Race

  2. Armor

  3. Weapon

Race and Armor account for 50% of your fighter's base stats while Weapon satisfies the other 50%. Race and Armor should be focused more heavily on because they are stuck with your Galaxy Fighter forever. Weapons are different from this in the fact that they are upgradeable and can be changed as desired. The individual fighter stats include Attack, Strength, Defense, Health, Agility and Intelligence. The image below shows an example of what they will look like.

Winning battles can net you weapon drops and ETH. Weekly tournaments are planned with a 2 ETH prize for winning. There's even a tournament planned with a grand prize of 100 ETH for the winner. The dev team also holds 200 Galaxy Fighters to be used as prizes for future tournaments.

20% ($400k) of the game's funds raised went directly into the GFC community wallet. A 5% transaction fee on all secondary sales also funds this wallet. These funds will be used for game development, community building, and other metaverse investments. The dev team has also noted that they will potentially use their stash of 200 Galaxy Fighters to top-up the community wallet if needed.

Cross-IP Gameplay

The most interesting aspect about this project is that it's the one of the first platforms with cross-IP interaction. In other words, any NFT community can potentially be integrated into the game if both parties decide it's a good fit. This provides additional utility to each avatar project that decides to partner with GFC. Partnering collections could see an increase in demand from people that want to use their avatars in the game instead of Galaxy Fighters.

Below are the collections that have currently partnered with GFC to be playable in the game. More collections are planned to be added as the game grows.

  • Animetas

  • Bulls on the Block

  • Cool Cats

  • The Alien Boy

  • Wicked Craniums



I do own 1 Galaxy Fighter as a key to access the game but am most excited about playing as characters from the other collections I own. Cross-IP gameplay will be huge for avatar collections moving forward and I think we will see more games/platforms follow this mutually beneficial model as time goes on. A Super Smash Bros type game is the perfect way to introduce something like this because people are familiar with the concept and who doesn't love some friendly competition?

Galaxy Fight Club is focused on building themselves as a long-lasting brand in the NFT space and seem to be off to a good start. Based off GFC's partners alone, they already have a potential pool of tens of thousands of players. The team's background in traditional gaming (EA & Activision Blizzard) should provide them with the knowledge to develop their vision into reality.

NFT gaming is largely underdeveloped and I see that as a great opportunity for GFC to capture market share. Tournaments and P2E mechanics will be instrumental in incentivizing long-term interest in the game instead of having players lose interest after a couple months.

I'm keeping my expectations low for GFC but it's one of the games I'm most excited to see develop. I don't expect a flawless game to be delivered immediately upon its launch, but I think over time this game could be upgraded into something really cool for all the NFT communities involved. My confidence in this project will grow exponentially if the team can successfully under-promise and over-deliver in these next couple months before it's official launch.

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