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What is Genie Swap?

Genie Swap is the first ever NFT market aggregator. It pulls data from a variety of different marketplaces and allows users to purchase (or list) a bundle of NFTs in one transaction.

Genie is currently in beta but can be accessed through their Discord server.


  • No platform fees

  • Compatible with any ERC token standard (Ethereum)

  • Supported NFT marketplaces: OpenSea, Coinbase, Rarible, NFTX

NFTs can be batch purchased from as many different collections as desired. Pictured below is an example swap across 3 different NFT collections: 1 BAYC, 1 Treeverse plot, and 1 CrpyoPunk. Genie's protocol allows all these swaps to occur in a single transaction.

When batch listing, users can set the price for each NFT and list them all in one transaction. Just like with batch swaps, it only requires payment of one gas fee no matter how many NFTs you decide to list.

Why is this important?

If you plan on buying multiple NFTs, Genie can help you save money on gas fees since it doesn't require each NFT to be purchased individually. This also makes Genie extremely convenient for sweeping floors.

Example use-case: Crafting 10KTF items

This example comes from a personal story where I wish I used Genie because it would've saved me a considerable amount money on gas fees.

10KTF is a NFT collection of metaverse wearables. They allow people to craft brand new NFT items if they hold the required NFT materials to make them. When an item is crafted, the required materials are burned.

Below is the graphic for crafting 10KTF high-top shoes. It requires 3 tools as well as 3 materials in order to craft.

When buying the 3 materials required to craft these shoes, the gas fees on each transaction cost over $150. It totaled around $500 in fees.

Genie is PERFECT for this type of scenario. Instead of buying each NFT individually, I could've just used Genie to purchase all 3 materials at once. This would've saved me hundreds of dollars in fees.

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