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What is GOATz?

GOATz is a generative avatar project of NFT goats. Each NFT includes membership to the GOATz community. Owning an NFT also gives you commercial rights to your goats, exclusive access to Maison De GOAT in Sandbox, airdrops, and the ability to participate in community contests/grants.


  • Supply: 10,000 goats

  • Mint price: 0.05 ETH

  • Traits: +150


  • Maison De GOAT

  • The Forge

  • GOATz Endowment Fund

Maison De GOAT

This is a mansion clubhouse for GOATz in The Sandbox. Entrance to the clubhouse is exclusive to people who own at least 1 GOATz NFT, it will be restricted to outsiders through NFT gating capabilities.

The Forge

The Forge is the most innovative feature that makes GOATz stand out. This is a smart contract that allows people who own 2 or more GOATz to combine them and create a new goat with their desired traits. Forging is free but will still cost gas fees. Forging hasn't launched yet so that demand for GOATz will continue building until it's available.

Another benefit of forging is that you will be given a 100 sq meter plot of land in GOATzVILLE. GOATzVILLE is a large estate in The Sandbox which will basically turn into a neighborhood of people that have forged their goats. Forgers will be able to choose from 1 of 4 predesigned homes and a naming feature is also in the works.

GOATz Endowment Fund

This will be used to provide funding for projects that will help grow and improve the community. Any GOATz owner can apply here to submit a request to fund their project.



There isn't much to say about generative NFT projects that hasn't already been said so I'll mainly focus on the unique features of this project. Although the art isn't my personal favorite, GOATz has a lot of good things going for it.

GOATz is the first NFT project that allows combining two NFTs to create a personalized one. A side effect of forging is that 2 goats go in, 1 goat comes out. This makes the supply of GOATz deflationary and increasingly scarce over time. Theoretically this should increase the price of GOATz since there will be a smaller supply of goats once forged.

I like GOATz focus on the metaverse and think it will be beneficial for creating a strong community. Giving away plots of land for forging goats sounds like a great idea that will bring the project's strongest supporters together. Since the cost of virtual real estate is rising, this could be a great opportunity for new people to claim their first spot in the metaverse.

Personalization is the biggest differentiator for investing in the GOATz community. Creating new goats, custom naming features, and giving members involvement in the metaverse will allow more opportunities for the community to grow emotionally attached to their GOATz. I'm not currently a member of the community but its value proposition is enough to keep me interested. Who knows, maybe you'll see me in GOATzVILLE in a few weeks. ;)

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