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What is Gutter Cat Gang?

Gutter Cat Gang is a collection of algorithmically generated Cat NFTs that provide access to members-only benefits as well as IP rights. There are a total of 3,000 Gutter Cat NFTs which provide the highest tier of membership in the Gutter Gang community. Besides Gutter Cats, there are 3 other species that complete the Gutter Gang's 2nd membership tier. Gutter Rats were the 2nd species added to the collection while dogs and pigeons were recently announced as the collection's 3rd and 4th species.


  • Total supply: 12,000

  • Gutter Cats: 3,000

  • Gutter Species: 9,000

  • Launch date: June 4, 2021

  • Mint price: 0.07 ETH


Gutter Cat Gang's roadmap is what I find most exciting about the project. There's a clear focus on expansion into the metaverse which includes a collaboration with my favorite project in that space, House of Kibaa. The plan is to build out the Gutter world in the Kibaa metaverse including AR/VR ready 3D avatars for ALL gutter species. In the partnership announcement they specifically mentioned "weapons, wearables, vehicles, pets, and real estate like trap houses and mansions" are in store for this metaverse. To me this sounds a lot like Grand Theft Auto and I love every bit of it.

In addition to HOK, GCG is also partnering with The Sandbox to create Gutter City. Like the Kibaa metaverse, all 4 species will receive voxel avatars for use in the Sandbox. Coming from someone who's been building in the metaverse for over a year, the Gutter Cat Gang couldn't have picked a better platform to host Gutter City. Don't believe me? Below are some of the minigames and locations they are bringing to life within The Sandbox.



I've been watching from the sidelines ever since this project launched and am really impressed by the milestones the gang has reached which has led to them clawing their way into "blue chip" NFT project conversations. In my opinion, GCG can cement their status as a blue chip project if their metaverse ventures are successful.

I AM BIASED when it comes to Gutter Gang's decision to partner with House of Kibaa because of how bullish I am on HOK. I've been waiting to see an avatar community officially partner with them and was pleasantly surprised that it ended up being GCG. I think HOK can bring an insane amount of value to the whole Gutter Gang collection and it should give them a good presence in the Kibaa metaverse. The sneak peeks we've been given look amazing but there are still a lot of unknowns on the details of the plans for Gutter world.

GCG's partnership with The Sandbox sealed the deal for me wanting to join the community. As someone who's been building in The Sandbox for the past couple months, I believe it's the most fun metaverse currently available. Sure it's fun to walk around in Decentraland or Cryptovoxels and tour peoples' builds for a little while, but it gets boring relatively quickly. I don't have this problem nearly as much in The Sandbox because it's gaming element keeps my attention for a much longer period of time. Once P2E mechanics are added to The Sandbox, I expect projects with presence in SB to implement gaming mechanics that directly benefit their communities. If GCG really does end up creating a GTA-style metaverse and implements P2E, it could mean game over for some of their competitors.

Community is the most important part of any avatar collection and it's what drew me back to the Gutter Cat Gang after originally missing out on the mint. The Gang has been strong as ever online but what really caught my attention was their membership crossing into the IRL world. The Gutter Gang just finished hosting GutterCon in Las Vegas from Sept. 17-19 which is where they made the announcement about the 3rd & 4th species in the collection. If that doesn't show you how far this community has come relative to other NFT projects, I don't know what else to say.

In my opinion, the Gutter Gang did their homework by selecting the best upcoming virtual worlds which makes me super excited to see where this community is headed. It might take a bit of time to see the next big floor move for the Gutter Cat Gang but I think the future is bright - especially once their metaverse builds start coming to life.

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