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What is House of Kibaa?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

House of Kibaa is a digital studio based out of Vancouver that specializes in creating NFTs for virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. HOK genesis memberships grant owners lifetime access to members-only benefits including airdrops, private discord access, and presale opportunities on future releases. These memberships have an incredibly small supply of 809 which is likely why they have flown under a lot of peoples' radars.

The HOK team is comprised of talented artists from the film and game industry who have contributed to works from Sony, MGM, Netflix, and more. HOK is currently in the process of building their own metaverse and has plans for integrating their creations with other virtual worlds like Decentraland and Sandbox further down the road.


House of Kibaa is constructing a metaverse which has the chance to take market share from a variety of different leaders in the NFT space. I've been looking at every opportunity to gain more exposure to the metaverse and this has quickly become one of my favorites.

HOK's metaverse is focused around 4 offerings:

  1. Marketplace for trading NFTs

  2. Blockchain tools such as NFT minting & cross-chain wallets

  3. VR platform for HOK assets to be used in different environments

  4. VR social & gaming activities

  5. Paintball, ping pong, shooting hoops, etc.

  6. Business meetings

The biggest surprise when researching HOK is that they are working on a marketplace for artists to create and sell assets - think OpenSea but specifically for 3D assets. Other platforms have had struggles when it comes to minting NFTs or Polygon compatibility which is why the team has decided to build their own solution. They've confirmed that HOK membership holders will pay zero fees when using this platform.

HOK's metaverse is being built with the main focus on social interaction. The virtual world is being developed as a social platform which will allow multiple users to interact in the same space at the same time. With HOK's background in VR creation, I expect this to become one of the leading VR compatible worlds. Land spaces will be available for owners to show off their digital assets on the HOK platform and will also include features to monetize the land.


The Museum excites me most about House of Kibaa because I think it will be the first taste of their metaverse that the public will experience. There are 20 different landscapes planned such as forests, plains, islands, mountains, cliffs, etc. to represent different environments from around the world. HOK is also creating structures like galleries and shops that can be put on your land to show off or monetize your collection.


HOK members are typically airdropped one item per month however the team mentioned that this number could increase to 2-3 drops per month after the business has time to scale up and hire more people.

Airdrop Categories

House of Kibaa listed some potential items they can create for airdrops which is important to keep in mind for imagining their potential collaborations. Their first collaboration allowed Bored Ape Yacht Club members to redeem 3D files of their apes which proved that HOK can leverage other communities using their expertise in VR & 3D modeling.

Completed airdrops:

  • Wearables (Kibaa suit)

  • Redemptions (BAYC)

Other potential items:

  • Costumes

  • Fashion

  • Mounts

  • Skins

  • Vehicles


Most of HOK's airdrops so far have been wearables. The first collection features a 4-piece Kibaa suit that will be wearable in HOK's metaverse. If all 4 pieces of the Kibaa suit are owned, they can be redeemed for a full Kibaa Suit NFT which can be viewed as a trophy in the HOK metaverse and potentially receive expanded utility. Only 404 full suits can be assembled.


Generative avatars are the next big roadmap plan for House of Kibaa. They will be releasing 10,000 3D avatars which will be the face of HOK's brand and usable in their metaverse. These avatars will open the door for community growth within the HOK ecosystem since they will be able to expand beyond the 809 original memberships. Avatars #1-809 are reserved for owners of the genesis membership token.



As far as metaverse projects go this is at the top of my list. A low supply membership token with monthly NFT airdrops seems like it will be extremely lucrative if HOK continues making high-quality assets and partnerships. When combining the low supply with over 75% unique ownership, I think these memberships are insanely undervalued. To me, securing a genesis membership before the release of 10,000 avatars seems like a no-brainer since there will be tons of new money flowing into the project.

Membership Utility

  • Receive free NFTs monthly

  • Zero fees in upcoming marketplace

  • Expanded utility once their metaverse expands

The HOK team possesses a level of talent beyond the reach of many NFT artists. AR & VR graphic design requires a specific skillset that isn't easy for new artists to immediately master. Because of this, I think the door is open for HOK to partner with many of the existing avatar communities to help them transition deeper into the metaverse.

Collaborations are going to be one of the top drivers of demand for this project. Not only is HOK going to leverage communities by creating digital avatars, they are also looking at working with celebrity IPs. Considering their first collab was with BAYC, House of Kibaa has set the bar high for themselves. Furthermore, the team is working on a potential collaboration with Zed Run to showcase their horses in HOK's metaverse.

Other partnerships in talks:

  • LaMelo Ball

  • Dez Bryant

  • Zaire Wade

  • Sandbox

  • FCG (Josh Hart's project)

  • Curio

This is one of the biggest investments I've made in a while and will probably end up in the Ape Tales series once I have time to reflect on how it plays out. I expect this to be a solid long term play but I am not 100% sure how it will play out in the short term. Once the company has time to scale up, I think we'll see a huge increase in value that HOK creates for themselves and other NFT communities.

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