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What is Jenkins the Valet?

Who is Jenkins the Valet?

Jenkins the Valet is a Bored Ape at the center of this project. He's a fictional character that has a multitude of stories to be shared from his wild experiences across the metaverse. The project was created by Tally Labs.

What is The Writer's Room?

The Writer's Room is a collective group (NFT owners) involved in creating the first community-generative NFT book. This book will dive into Jenkins' story and expose the details from his life.

NFT Stats

There are 4 different NFTs within the Writer's Room ecosystem.

These NFTs give owners access to a members-only portal allowing them to:

  • Vote on the direction of content

  • License characters (BAYC/MAYC) to be used in content (royalties included)

  • Receive a Book NFT (1 per NFT) in preparation for Roadmap 2.0

Valet Ticket

Yacht Keys

Valet Stand







Voting power

5 votes

10 votes

50 votes

215 votes

Additional NFT utilities

  • Access to Writer's Room Sandbox build

  • Exclusive merch access

  • Physical copy of the final book

What does the community vote on?

Each Jenkins NFT provides the owner with a certain amount of votes that can influence the storyline. The community will be able to vote on things like book’s title, genre, plot, ending, cover art, illustration, and more.

Notable partnerships

  • Jenkins the Valet is signed by CAA, the same agency that represents Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Dwyane Wade, Cristiano Ronaldo, Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise.

  • The first novel is being written by Neil Strauss, 10x NYT bestselling author


Paper Ape's Analysis

Show me a project that expands the BAYC/MAYC ecosystem and you can almost guarantee I'll be investing in it. Admittedly, I was late to the Jenkins the Valet party and got in with an entry price of 1.5 ETH for a single valet ticket. Its not a great entry if you compare what I paid to the mint price but I'm glad I secured my spot on the ride. Long-term thinking almost always wins out, especially due to the composable nature of NFTs.

Most of the NFT bets I take rely on the future creative output of specific communities, this project is no different. Their first roadmap has understandably taken a while to develop with little to show for, but I suspect their efforts will greatly accelerate leading into Roadmap 2.0.

One of the things that initially held me back from joining this community was the thought that this project solely exists to create a community-written book. In my opinion that's boring as fuck. HOWEVER - when I realized this would inevitably spill over into other forms of media like film/TV/podcasts it completely changed my perspective. This is why Jenkins' partnership with CAA is such a big deal.

Community involvement is arguably the most important aspect of every NFT project. Direct influence on content creation via voting power from NFTs is perfect for this project. Not only can members vote, but the lucky few that license their Apes as characters in the book will receive lucrative additional benefits.

It's neat that community members who's BAYC/MAYC are selected to be used in the Book NFT will receive a portion of profit share from it. This includes both primary and secondary sales which could be a great source of recurring revenue as the Jenkins metaverse develops throughout the years.

There's really not much for me to say until the book is closer to being released so I'll leave this final piece of alpha for you to brainstorm where this whole thing is headed.

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