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What is Metaverse Index?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Metaverse Index (ticker: $MVI) allows you to invest in a bundle of tokens from the top metaverse projects. This portfolio provides one of the easiest ways to gain broad exposure in the metaverse. It's one of my personal favorite ways to invest in the metaverse because it doesn't require the full purchase of virtual land, characters, in-game items, etc. to gain exposure to the market. This helps keep your investments diversified so you don't have to put all your eggs in one basket.

What tokens are in Metaverse Index?

The screenshot below includes the current list of tokens included in the Metaverse Index. These tokens must fall within a specified ruleset which can be found on the MVI website. The list periodically changes as the fund undergoes monthly maintenance to rebalance the portfolio.

Quantity & Value per token

ETH used to purchase MVI tokens is distributed to the tokens in the list above based on their allocation percentage. This shows how heavily each token is weighted in the index.

Quantity per token & Value per token are important for understanding where exactly your money goes.

  • Quantity per token: The amount of tokens you are exposed to per MVI

  • Value per token: The amount of exposure you receive per MVI


  • Owning 1 MVI gives you exposure to 0.3174 AXS tokens ($21.59) , 0.04178 ILV tokens ($18.40), 3.95 AUDIO tokens ($12.64), etc.

  • Owning 2 MVI gives you exposure to 0.6348 AXS, 0.08356 ILV, etc.

  • And so on.

How to invest

To invest in the fund, simply visit and it will bring you to the screen in the image below. After connecting Metamask you can buy and sell MVI from this dashboard or you can use Uniswap/Sushiswap instead.

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