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What is NFTBOY?

NFTBOY is a virtual game console that gives owners access to retro-style arcade games. Each individual console is an NFT but there is also a separate collection of game cartridge NFTs. Game cartridges must be paired with a console in order to access the game, just like how a physical game console works.

NFTBOY released it's first cartridge, Bored Ape Racers, on October 25th.


  • Console Supply: 2,000

  • Cartridge supply: 800 (Bored Ape Racers)

  • Mint price: 0.06 ETH (consoles)

Bored Ape Racers

Bored Ape Racers pays homage to Bored Ape Yacht Club and the classic Super Mario Kart game. Players can select from 4 different racers, each a different Bored or Mutant Ape. The only Mutant Ape in the game, Steg, is even planned to be given away at some point in the future.

NFTBOY is currently hosting a tournament, The Degen Cup, where the top 25 fastest times are eligible to win a variety of NFT and ETH prizes. Below is a full playthrough of Bored Ape Racers by yours truly.



As far as price is concerned, I have no idea how NFTBOY project will do in the future. I really hope it does well because I've enjoyed the game so far and think their implementation of tournaments to win NFT prizes provides a decent motivation to keep playing.

Do I enjoy playing Bored Ape Racers? Yes.

Do I see the potential of a gaming ecosystem using NFT consoles? Yes.

Should the consoles be necessary to play games? I'm not exactly sure.

It's listed on the roadmap that holders will be able to rent out their consoles for others to use which is a really interesting use-case. If NFTBOY uses the consoles to create regular tournaments across a variety of different games I can easily see the consoles increasing in price. Will this happen? I don't know.

I think the success of NFTBOY will primarily depend on the team's future plans and communities they choose to partner with. Implementing play-to-earn mechanics could be massively beneficial for this project and I'm sure is something they've at least put into consideration. As they tap-in to additional communities, I can only see the demand for NFTBOY consoles/games growing. This makes me wonder if there is room for people to license their NFT avatars to be used as characters in upcoming releases.

NFTBOY & Bored Ape Racers haven't been talked about much since launch and I think this is partially due to the ongoing high gas prices. In some cases, gas costs almost as much as minting the NFT itself. Another reason I think this has been flying under the radar is that it launched so close to NFT NYC. All eyes have been on the established projects and people haven't been giving newer projects the light of day as compared to earlier this year.

I think people will eventually catch on to what's being created in the NFTBOY realm but time will tell.

So what REALLY compelled me to write this article?


I don't know how you can see this game and NOT be even more bullish on BAYC. IP rights are growing ever-more important in the metaverse and this is one of the first instances of specific Bored Apes being used as characters in a third party game.

Remember: This is just the beginning and things are only going to get crazier from here.

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