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What is The Alien Boy?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The Alien Boy is a generative avatar NFT project featuring images of aliens with a variety of different traits. Owning an Alien Boy NFT gives you access to members-only benefits including games, airdrops, giveaways, and more.


  • Supply: 10,000

  • Traits: 182

  • Mint price: 0.08 ETH

  • Launch date: June 20, 2021

Trait categories: Background, Skin, Face, Eyes, Body, Mouth, Accessory, Head, and Special power.

Key Features

  • Commercial rights

  • Custom naming

  • Games

Commercial rights

The team behind TAB encourages the community to create things with their Alien Boys and will even verify certain collections that meet their standard of quality. If verified, the team will help promote the community-made creations through collaborations and a spot on their website.

Custom naming

Each owner can choose a name for their Alien Boy. If a name has already been assigned to a newly purchased AB, its new owner is able to rename it for free. The best part about this? Naming doesn't even require gas.

The Alien Fight

The Alien Fight is a head to head matchup of 2 random alien boys where you choose which one has a better aesthetic. Scrolling down on the game page will show a leaderboard of where each alien ranks in aesthetic based on how many head to head matchups it wins. You can't really win this game but it's a fun way to kill some time and learn about the different kinds of Alien Boys out there.

The ABA League

The ABA league is a spin off of The Alien Fight with one small difference. Instead of using every Alien Boy, two teams of Alien Boys face off to see which team has the better aesthetic. Teams are determined based on a certain characteristics the AB's share. For example, the current matchup is the Alien Bulls (red jersey) vs. Alien Squad. (white jersey) in which the red team has a slight lead.



What's there to say about avatar projects that hasn't already been said? At this point, any NFT you select should be based on whether you vibe with the community. This is the easiest way to diamond hand any NFT and reap the benefits it brings along the way. I blindly joined The Alien Boys after scrolling floor prices on OpenSea and was pleasantly surprised at how active the community is on Twitter. I won't get too carried away but it did remind me a bit of the old BAYC days when I was bombarded with engagement after making one single post.

I actually think the games on their website are kind of cool. The Alien Fight didn't impress me much but once I played the ABA League I realized how these can be used to bring a community together. The Alien Boys have different crews within their community that can participate in activities specific to the traits their NFT possesses. This encourages networking within a community and creates more opportunities for its members to interact with each other. I love seeing things like this because it helps strengthen the bonds between community members and makes them want to stay around for the long run.

There is a recently confirmed airdrop heading to the community shortly. Specifically, UFOs and Alien Girls will be distributed to the community which will introduce UFO racing, forging, breeding, and who knows what else. The airdrop will be unique from the aspect that 50% of holders will receive UFOs and the other 50% will receive Alien Girls. It's a completely randomized 50/50 airdrop and I believe the first of its kind. This will be interesting to watch unfold but I expect the event to bring increased activity on OpenSea from people trading for the NFT they want, flipping rare ones, etc.

One of the metrics I've been paying a lot of attention to lately is unique ownership percentage. My opinion can be summarized by the tweet below.

I was alluding to The Alien Boy in this tweet. I see it as a potential low-risk/high-reward NFT play since it fits this criteria and is currently below mint price.

An increasing unique ownership percentage is a good measure of demand because it shows that people are actively joining a community. If the community members genuinely want to stay in the group, they won't sell their membership. As the community grows, less spots are available and the loyal members typically sell their extra NFTs on the way up to take profit.

Over time, the amount of NFTs owned per member grows smaller and smaller until most only hold 1-2 NFTs. This occurs around the 50% ownership mark which we have only seen BAYC and Gutter Cat Gang achieve so far.

Could The Alien Boy be next? Your guess is as good as mine but this is a bet I'm taking.

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