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What is Treeverse?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

The Treeverse is a 2D metaverse world created by Loopify. The project aims to become the "Runescape of blockchain games" and create a browser-based MMO for NFT enthusiasts. Its genesis NFT drop was conducted on August 1st and all 10,420 land plots sold out in 1 hour. Founders' land plots in the game are private homes you can teleport to from anywhere, invite friends, display your NFTs, etc. Additional features will be added in the future but these are what will be available at launch.

NFT Stats

  • Supply: 10,420 plots

  • Mint price: 0.125 ETH

  • Release: August 1st, 2021

The land NFTs will not appear on the map but will act more like private homes. There have been talks in Discord about possibly being able to combine land NFTs to create a larger private space however this is still unconfirmed.


Treeverse will launch as an MMO but rollout continuous updates with until it eventually transforms into an MMORPG. It will start as a browser-based metaverse but has plans on becoming mobile-friendly. The game will be 100% play-to-earn and Loopify also has plans for creating a governance token in the future. This will be similar to how Axie has $SLP and $AXS.

One of the most exciting features planned for the game is an in-game marketplace to trade NFTs with other players. Loopify seems interested in creating a metaverse version of Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces filled with people who are interested in NFTs - the marketplace will facilitate this. Even when the full MMORPG is live, the Treeverse team plans to keep all the social features.

Roadmap (features)

  • In-game trading marketplace

  • Pets & NPCs

  • Guilds

  • Seasonal events

  • Minigames

  • NFT locked regions

  • Custom public land

Game Release

If you're interested in playing the first version of the game, the private alpha launch will be on Sunday August 8th. This launch will be limited to owners of NFTrees and Founders' Plots. The alpha will run about 2-3 weeks and then open to the public shortly after.



I see a bright future for this project. That being said, I purchased 5 Founders' plots and plan on holding onto them for a while. I'm extremely bullish on metaverse real estate and have been looking to invest into new worlds so this project was released at the perfect time.

Becoming the Runescape of blockchain games is a lofty goal that will take time to fully develop into the team's vision. In the short-medium term, I think this game will feel more like Club Penguin than Runescape. I say this because I'm pretty sure every single item on the roadmap is things that existed in Club Penguin - private homes, pets, seasonal events, minigames, etc.

Do I think this is a bad thing? Not at all. OG Club Penguin was a dope place to hang out with friends and escape the real world.

I was however a bit disappointed that the land NFTs do not appear on the map. I really hope the Treeverse team implements combining land plots to create a larger private space. This would be a great way to add collector's value to the Founders' plots. It would allow for larger NFT shops, hosted private events, and much more once additional features are added.

Loopify is a well respected person in the NFT space and I feel confident with him leading this project. He's well-connected to the crypto community and received praise from many prominent people in the space.

It's still early days but I haven't seen any red flags so far. A lot of these new NFT projects cannot say the same. Things may change once the game drops but for now I remain optimistic about Treeverse and its community. It'll be important to see how well the team executes on their vision, but if everything goes according to Loopify's plan this has the potential to become one of the next blue-chip blockchain games.

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