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What is VaultSwap?

Have you ever been scrolling through OpenSea and come across an NFT you really wanted but didn't have enough ETH in your wallet? If only there was some way to scrape together a few NFTs in your wallet to make an offer on this really nice one you just discovered.

This is one of the many ways VaultSwap is trying to make NFT trading more convenient for users.

What is VaultSwap?

VaultSwap is a brand new peer-to-peer NFT trading platform launched on July 18th. It allows users to propose asset trades using any combination of NFTs and ERC-20 tokens.

VaultSwap is a fork of NFTTrader with additional features designed to enhance security when trading assets.

Security features

  1. - Trade Inbox

  2. - Verified collections only

  3. - Signature Wizard

Key feature: Trade Inbox

Trade inbox was created to circumvent the need for sending people links to access trades, eliminating the risk of phishing attacks.

The trade inbox is your dashboard to review, cancel, or accept trades. If you create an offer and change your mind later it can be canceled/revoked as long as the other party has not accepted it.

Founder Interview

I spoke with VaultSwap co-founder, Auslo, and got to learn more about his crypto journey as well as hear his vision for VaultSwap.

Some alpha was definitely dropped in this interview, including zero fees for trades on VaultSwap until the end of the month. Definitely a solid reason to give this platform a try on your next NFT trade.

Interview link:

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