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What is Wicked Craniums?

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Wicked Craniums is one of the newest generative avatar NFT projects on Ethereum. Their entire collection sold out within 30 FUCKING MINUTES. Absolutely insane. Owning a Cranium NFT gives owners usage and commercial rights to it - just like BAYC, Gutter Cat Gang, Slumdoge Billionaires, etc.

Project Stats

  • Total supply: 10,762 NFTs

  • Unique traits: 180

  • Mint price: 0.06 ETH

  • Launch date: June 20th, 2021

Most projects with algorithmically produced icons share two common qualities:

  • A members-only area

  • Projects planned to differentiate themselves from competitors

Members-only area

The Wicked Craniums members-only area is called The Cradle. This is being marketed as a "social platform" to connect members and allow them to interact with each other through sharing images. Members can also create an "about me" section as well as list their social media handles.


  • Merchandise store

  • 10 sculptures will be mailed to random Cranium owners

  • Creation of a theme song

  • Limited trading card collection

  • "Chief Cranium" will be brought to life through an augmented reality mobile app. A Liquidity Pool is also planned which will likely be on NFTX or nft20 if I had to speculate.



To be 100% honest I have a few hesitations about this project. Not to say that Wicked Craniums are going to zero, I would just like to see more projects on the roadmap that create value. Sculptures, theme songs, and augmented reality are admittedly pretty cool, however I'm skeptical about the value these actually add to the NFTs. The longer that projects wait to create real value for their products, the increased risk they have of losing community members along the way.

Losing community members = Lower floor price

I'm also a bit skeptical about Reckless Labs, the team that created Wicked Craniums. At the time I'm writing this, when visiting their website you are greeted with a message stating "New Website Coming Soon!" I've been in crypto long enough to exercise caution around projects with little information about the people behind the code. If anyone has additional information I can refer to, I'd be more than happy to give it a look.

Now, for the things I like about Wicked Craniums:

Adding a merchandise store has become the norm for many of these types of NFT projects. I look at that as a great way to capitalize on the hype they've been able to build the past few days. I'm a fan of the Cranium designs and think they can have a really cool vibe on clothing.

I've also been waiting to see somebody turn NFTs into trading cards, so I am definitely excited to see what that turns into. Imagine how cool it would be to mint a trading card of your very own Cranium NFT. Something like this would be a massive value add similar to BAYC creating Bored Ape Kennel Club.

I want to make it clear that I don't own any Wicked Craniums and don't want anything I've said to come across as FUD. I'm a very defensive trader and lean on the side of caution when evaluating projects. That being said, I am keeping an eye on this project and will consider joining the community if it continues to grow and the team continues to deliver on their promises.

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