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What is frankfrank?

frankfrank FRANKfrank frankFRANKfrank frankFRANK FRANKfrank FRANKfrankFRANK

frankfrankFRANKFRANKFRANK FRANKfrankFRANK frankfrankFRANKfrank frankFRANKfrank frankFRANK FRANKfrank FRANKfrankFRANK frankfrankfrank frankFRANKfrankFRANKfrankFRANK frankFRANK FRANKfrankfrank frankfrankfrankFRANK frank FRANKfrank FRANK frankfrankFRANK frankFRANKfrank frank FRANK FRANKFRANKFRANK FRANKFRANKfrank frank FRANK frankfrankfrankfrank frank frankFRANKfrank

Frank frank

  • Frank: 2,000

  • Frank frank: 4/4/2022



In all seriousness (if you can call it that) I bought 3 frank NFTs. The disclaimer has been made.

I personally think these will moon but I'm nothing special when it comes to trading memes.

When it comes to memes this is what I do know:

Strong memes are easily repeatable

As simple as this project looks it has strong memetic qualities.

Frank is literally 1 character in 2000 different forms. Each randomized trait combination gives Frank a new personality or scenario that it can be used in. It's important to note that the character has a full body and is performing an action.

Something I think people might overlook when it comes to the art is that the background is transparent. Whether intentional or unintentional, this allows anyone to easily meme frank into anything with minimal effort or technical knowledge.

Take this video for example:

I already love using my frank as a gif when replying to people on Twitter. I'm sure others will find their own unique uses for frank but I'm a degen so if this goes to zero, frankly I deserve it.

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