What is ApeWell.com?

ApeWell.com is a crypto research blog created in February 2021 by an internet character known as Paper Ape.

Who is Paper Ape?

Paper Ape is a 26 year old ape who first learned about crypto as a broke college student during the summer of 2017. Originally trying to make a quick buck, he bought some Ethereum and began trading - only to realize his true passion lied in learning about the intricacies of cryptocurrencies themselves.


After years of compounded learning and experience in crypto, financial markets, economics, and trading strategies - Paper Ape decided to create a blog to post his research and help others navigate the space. He specializes in breaking down complex topics in a clear and concise way.


Since its inception, ApeWell has provided crypto research and analysis to its audience completely free of charge. The articles published during this time amassed Paper Ape hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit. Some of his biggest wins since the blog's inception include Bored Ape Yacht Club, 10KTF, The Sandbox, and BYOPills.


Why is ApeWell changing?

ApeWell is currently funded through profits from the trades Paper Ape writes about. He has never accepted a single dollar for promotional offers in order to keep the research as honest as possible. Since Paper Ape makes a living trading, the blog’s expenses are deducted from his living expenses.


In an effort to continue providing quality research while growing the community, he devised a plan to create a win-win scenario for both parties. This involves the introduction of an NFT membership.


What content will ApeWell produce after the transition?

Free content:

  • Podcasts (new)

  • Livestreams (new)

Members-only content:

  • Market/Project Research and Analysis


What are the entities involved with this change?

ApeWell.com will split into 2 separate entities once the NFT is introduced:

  1. ApeWell Inc

  2. Gem Hunters


What is ApeWell Inc?

ApeWell Inc is a Web3 company founded by Paper Ape that creates innovative metaverse content and experiences.

Who are the Gem Hunters?

Gem Hunters are ApeWell's life force - bound together through ownership of one of the 999 Visiondex devices in existence. They work together exploring the metaverse in hopes of discovering hidden gems scattered across the land.


Only the most dedicated Gem Hunters will achieve the rank of Visionary, unlocking the Visiondex's full capabilities.


What is a Visiondex?

Visiondex is a device forged by Paper Ape to connect and unite the ApeWell community. It establishes the Gem Hunters/Visionaries as a decentralized content creation branch of ApeWell Inc.


Visiondex owners are granted lifetime membership to ApeWell Inc including access to the Visiondex app. The app will evolve over time and host exclusive research content created our gigabrain community of traders, creators, and innovators.


Visiondex is designed to allow members to rank up and unlock more powers within the platform based on how engaged they are. Once members reach a high enough level they are able to freely publish their own content to all Visiondex holders. As members prove their loyalty and begin unlocking more powers within the platform, the app will naturally decentralize into a self-sustaining Creator DAO.


This will allow the community's most involved members and biggest contributors to become the next generation of content creators for Visiondex holders, rather than having to rely on a single centralized entity (ApeWell Inc) to be their sole content creator. The overall goal with this project is to enable the most dedicated members to grow their brand by contributing whatever specialty they bring.

Visiondex's value will reside within the creative output of ApeWell's content creators and engagement from its community.


Crypto is a fast-paced, constantly evolving industry meaning there will never be a shortage of new topics to learn.

Wen roadmap?

Paper Ape doesn’t want to promise too much, but wants it to be clear that he’s going to work his ass off to give The Ape Well an established presence in the metaverse.


He has designed the Visiondex to grow into a community-driven web3 content platform.

It is the cornerstone item of our metaverse and the opening chapter of our story.

How can I get a Visiondex?

Paper Ape hides his collection of Visiondex devices here. If you want to become a Gem Hunter and create the future with ApeWell, I suggest you grab one before it's too late.

This project is a Web3 social experiment, NOT AN INVESTMENT.

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